FAITH THAT CONQUERS | The 4 STEPS TO FREEDOM Series: Part 3 of 4 – Forgive
Imagine having in your possession the one thing that could transform ever challenging situation and tumultuous circumstance. Learn more about how you can obtain, not only happiness, but mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial FREEDOM.
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The 4 STEPS TO FREEDOM Series: Part 3 of 4 – Forgive

The 4 STEPS TO FREEDOM Series: Part 3 of 4 – Forgive

Have you ever said, I’ll never FORGIVE him for what he did to me!

Or It wasn’t my fault; why should I FORGIVE her?

Or I’m the child, they should apologize to me!

Although many people have these thoughts and ideas, they are neither empowering nor therapeutic.  This is the reason knowing what it means to FORGIVE and how to use the act of forgiveness can re-create your mindset and reality!

It can accelerate you from conquered to CONQUEROR!

What Does It Mean To Forgive?    

Many people live their entire lives without ever understanding forgiveness and how it enables them to access the very power of the Most-High and Omnipotent GOD.

To define the word, look at its center:

for – GIVE.

When you FORGIVE a person of transgressions and wrongs committed, you GIVE three gifts.

The first, you GIVE to yourself.  It is the gift of liberty.

You also GIVE yourself a second gift, power.  And third, you give your transgressor the gift of a pardon.

This erases your need for an apology, payment, or service you believe may be owed to you.

The word give is extremely significant because when you FORGIVE, you exercise and express the power of the Omnipotent Creator within you!

When the All-Intelligent and Infinite Mind lives within you, abides in you, and dwells in you, the forgiving character and nature that you exhibit resembles the loving character and divine nature of the Most-High and Sovereign Creator.

This loving character and divine nature are expressed in the forms of mercy and grace.

Mercy is not receiving the punishment and consequences that are deserved and grace is receiving blessings and pardons that are undeserved (Mark 3:28, Luke 11:4, John 1:29, 1 John 1:9-10).  One facet of the Sovereign’s expression is to remove your transgression and wrongs AND to vanquish all unrighteousness.

Your transgression can be forgiven; washed away and forgotten (Psalm 25:7-9, 103:9; Isaiah 1:18, 38:16-17).

When you FORGIVE, you no longer request from your transgressor that which you believe you are owed.  No longer demanding an apology or confession from him/her/them, is your new mental, emotional, and spiritual state.  You also no longer desire to hurt the person or exact revenge.

Take another look at the word:

f o r – g I v e

The I in forgive represents you! 

When you FORGIVE, it’s ultimately for you.

Forgiveness is your voluntary emancipation; willed freedom and eternal salvation because it frees and saves you.

Analyze This!

You already know that sin separates you from the Most-High GOD and prevents you from your fullest expression of Eternal Love and Infinite Power.  And, you already know the Creator is within you.

So, unforgiveness (a sin) separates you and your transgressor from Almighty GOD.  How?

To exist in a state of unforgiveness means you are not in harmony with the Most-High and Sovereign GOD; therefore, your transgressor is unable to righteously connect with the manifestation and expression of the Most-High and Sovereign GOD in YOU!

I don’t know about you, but I never want to be responsible for keeping anyone from the Most-High GOD.

Yes, I just turned it around and made it sound like you may have some fault in the situation of unforgiveness.


I read an article entitled, “Paco, All Is Forgiven.”

The author (P. Chircop) tells the story of a father who places an ad in the local newspaper in Madrid.

It read, Paco, meet me at the Hotel Montana at noon on Tuesday.  All is forgiven! Love, Papa. 

The result of this father’s ad was 800 young men named Paco waiting for their fathers…and waiting for the forgiveness they never thought was possible! 

You can change everything when you FORGIVE.


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