FAITH THAT CONQUERS | About-AC-Johnson-and-Christina-M-Johnson
A.C. Johnson and Christina M. Johnson are two people who are committed to sharing their testimonies to help and heal others. Find out how they are taking the billion dollar self-help industry by storm.
Author, Certified Trainer, Transformation, Teacher, curriculum developer, veteran, honorable discharge, Baltimore, Maryland, Israel
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About Us



A.C. Johnson


It is not uncommon for one’s life to spiral downward when hardship and suffering occur. But, A.C. Johnson has a divine calling to share his life’s experiences and revelations with others to help them avoid the same mistakes he made.  He also has a passion for helping others discover their true, divinely-willed identity.  He was born in East St. Louis, Illinois, in the 1970’s, to a 16-year old mother.  Using basketball as an outlet, he survived many obstacles in his life.  But after struggling to graduate high school, then junior college, he dropped out of college to enlist.  With a burning desire to accomplish something, but still unaware of his life’s purpose, he became a college drop-out and found himself serving seven years in the United States military.  


Learning more and more about himself every day and before being honorably discharged, he received the Army Achievement Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, and the Overseas Service Ribbon.  Self-reflection led A.C. Johnson to realize that the Infinite Creator’s presence was constant in and throughout his life (even when he struggled and suffered).  A.C. Johnson is a serial entrepreneur whose business experience is in the areas of Real Estate, Automotive & Diesel Technologies, Trucking & Warehousing, and the list goes on.  His skill set includes Management & Administration, Operations & Finance, and Public Relations & Customer Service.  He has learned to accept his divine calling and his gift of leadership which he uses to articulate complex biblical concepts and spiritual ideologies in practical and applicable ways.  With everything that he has overcome, A.C. Johnson, sometimes, finds it unbelievable that he is still ALIVE!  And to add to the Heavenly Creator’s display of love and favor in his life, he has been gifted with a lovely wife and blessed with their eight spirit-filled children.


Christina M. Johnson


Christina M. Johnson was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  She was educated in the Baltimore City Public School System and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (with a concentration in Chemistry and Secondary Education).  After living in Petach Tikvah, Israel, where she researched Human T-Cell Lymphotrophic Virus Type-1 at the Rabin Medical Center, she returned to the United States of America with a desire to educate. In addition to her divine calling to share her testimony and educate, she became a professional hair and make-up model for Colomer (Revlon’s former parent company).  


She also attended Johns Hopkins University (for graduate studies in Reading Instruction) while gaining teaching experience in the same public school system where she was educated.  She assisted several school administrations develop curricula specifically for the youth, young adult, and at-risk communities. After focusing on growing her family, she and her husband, A.C. Johnson, received their divine calling to author a series of devotionals entitled, Conqueror’s Cache® Re-Creation.  Conqueror’s Cache® Re-Creation teaches readers how to develop a faith that conquers lack, dis-ease, poverty, and failure while enabling them to express abundance, wellness, prosperity, and success in their lives.  Incorporating her studies in biology and chemistry, along with her coursework in secondary education and instructional reading, she has a passion to explain the biological and physiological processes involved in the regeneration of the human brain, the renewing of the human mind, and its connection to the spirit.  Christina M. Johnson has published scientific work in JAAMP and co-authored Emotional Wellness for Women, Vol. III.  She also wrote, directed, and produced More Than Conqueror’s: A Hip-Hop Musical (a full-length stage play) that was performed at Coppin State University and ArtScape.  She is an author, certified trainer, and transformation consultant who has written and produced scientific articles, curricula, original short stories, poems, stage plays, and books.  She and her family reside in Baltimore, Maryland.



Our mission is to ignite a revolution that enables masses of people to realize their divine right to be Spirit-filled, mentally and physically healthy, unapologetically wealthy, and prosperous in every aspect of their lives.  By sharing our testimonies and using a portfolio of commodities to differentiate our creations, we purpose to develop distinguished and life-changing content, products, and services.






Let us help you C

(Conquer, Love, Innovate, Monetize, Believe)


A.C. and Christina M. Johnson, with over 15 years of management, research, and education experience, share a vision and the above mission.  Their vision is to make a righteous & positive impact in seven areas within their home, community, and the world.  The 7 areas are:


(Your belief system & moral code; spiritual & personal Development)

Family & Friends

(Your spouse, children, extended family, business & personal relationships)


(Your money mindset, monetary resources, and income/expenses/accumulation of funds/investments)


(What, When, & Why you eat & drink)


(Your spiritual, mental, and physical training & exercise)


(What you do for entertainment, recreation and relaxation)  and


(Your legacy and inheritance)

The Johnsons incorporate their life experiences, their divine revelations, their 4 STEPS TO FREEDOM program, and their signature self-healing series, CONQUEROR’S CACHE® Re-Creation, to assist their clients and to speak to various audiences.  Together, they have a vested interest in serving you and supporting you on your journey to becoming a conscious and deliberate creator of your ideal life.

The Johnsons believe that motivation & ministry start from within and at home, first.  They purpose to live as witnesses and examples of Divine Love by putting the Most-High God first, their relationship of over 12 years and their eight beautiful children next, and their wonderful clients as top priorities!

If you have questions or comments, the Johnsons would love to hear from you.  Please visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with them.

A.C. and Christina Johnson are available for your corporate, conference, church, government agency, non-profit, professional association, and business networking events as speakers, facilitators, or as a team (motivational speaker & certified trainer).  BOOK THEM TODAY BY SCHEDULING A FREE CONSULTATION!
Also, to get clear on the vision and goals for your life, to develop the mindset, heart-set, spirit-set, and skill set needed to succeed in today’s natural & spiritual biospheres and economy, or to discover ways to earn multiple streams of income, schedule a CONQUEROR’S CACHE® Consultation below:
We work closely with you and carry out the necessary research to understand your needs and desires while identifying the strategies and tactics that will enable you to C.L.I.M.B.!